Free Credit Report Check: It’s Not Too Late

If you haven’t already done your Free Credit Report Check on 2/2/22 – there is still time and Extension has some great tools to help keep you on track to managing your credit reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides individuals with the opportunity to receive a Free Credit Report every 12 months at the individuals request. There are three nationwide companies who participate in this program: EquifaxExperian and TransUnion – which allows individuals to use each company once per year to obtain their most up-to-date credit report three times in a calendar year.

Extension has created a helpful tracking sheet to record and track when and where you have checked your credit as well as some helpful tips in how to Build and Maintain Your Credit.

More Questions on Credit Reports?

If you would like more information on Credit Reports, Credit Checks or other Financial Coaching, please contact Jenny Abel, Financial Security Outreach Program Manager, at or one of our UW-Madison Division of Extension Financial Educators.

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