Money Matters

Money Matters is an online program designed to improve your financial habits. Through this course, you will gain money management skills and build knowledge you can share with your family and friends. The course can be completed through online self-study only or online self-study with financial coaching by a UW-Extension educator.

In February, Money Matters Live: Credit and Debt Series, a series of live virtual sessions with UW-Extension financial educators, will be offered on Thursday nights from 7 pm – 8 pm via Zoom. Learn more about this series and register here!

Introduction to Money Matters Program

Money Matters includes 14 modules and 2 bonus modules:

  • a tree growing from moneyYour Financial Strengths
  • Explore Credit Scores and Credit Reports
  • When You Can’t Pay Your Bills (available in Spanish)
  • Make a Spending Plan (available in Spanish)
  • Staying Organized
  • Retirement Planning Basics (available in Spanish)
  • Health Insurance Options for WI Residents
  • Health Insurance Basics
  • Managing Student Loans (available in Spanish)
  • Credit Unions, Banks, and Other Financial Institutions (available in Spanish)
  • Money and Relationships
  • Saving Money
  • What is Credit and How to Build It
  • Debt Management

Bonus Modules:

After finishing the course, Wisconsin residents can receive a certificate of completion if you meet the requirements.

Interested in Completing the Program?

The online program can be completed in partnership with financial coaching by a UW-Extension educator.

Option 1: Online Self Study only

Open to anyone.

For individuals who wish to view the online program without financial coaching.

This option is best if you do not live in Wisconsin or live in a Wisconsin county without a UW-Extension financial coach.

Certificates of completion are only available for Wisconsin residents.

No cost.

Option 2: Online Self Study with Financial Coaching

Only available to people living in participating Wisconsin counties.

In order to receive a certificate of completion, you must complete the quiz at the end of each module and contact your UW-Extension financial coach.

No cost.

Option 3: Program Referral

Only available if you have been referred to the program.

If you are completing Money Matters as part of a program that has partnered with Extension, contact the educator in your county to find out about program requirements.

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