What Do I Need to Know About Financial Institutions?

"Banks, Credit Unions & other Financial Institutions". Illustration of a Financial building with a small man on the steps holding a key, a woman in front of the building with a credit card and a man to her right with a piggy bank. University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension logo beneath.

Financial products and services help you manage, save, spend, and borrow money. Financial institutions like banks and credit unions accept deposits of money, lend money, and offer other financial services that can help you.. Find the Banks, Credit Unions & other Financial Institutions module here – it only takes about 30 minutes to complete.By the end of this module, you will be able to…
  • Recognize differences between credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions.
  • Identify various financial services offered by financial institutions and how to use them.
  • Open and manage a bank or a credit union account.

What is Money Matters?

The University of Wisconsin – Madison Division of Extension’s Money Matters modules are used as self-study tools spanning eleven different areas of personal finance. Modules are designed to help learners understand their current financial habits and choices, build their knowledge base and provide a tool kit to develop new money management skills and awareness. Each financial topic provides a comprehensive online learning approach offering fact sheets, videos, self-assessments and links to more learning resources.

Money Matters can be used as a self-study program or you can follow up with financial coaching. Several of our financial educators are available to talk with anyone in Wisconsin.  Please send an email and they will get back to you during regular business hours. You can also check out this statewide map to get in touch with your local Extension office to find out what types of educational programming they are able to provide.

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