Talking with Family and Managing Stress

Talking with Your Family about Financial Difficulties A drop in income, whether it’s due to being laid off from a job, a drop in hours, or a decrease in income from investments is a scary and unsettling situation for both adults and children. It is important to talk through the situation with family members as […]

Cutting Back and Keeping Up When Money is Tight

When Your Monthly Budget Needs a Tune Up Whether it’s due to a drop in income, a big unexpected expense, or the cost of everyday living overtaking your paycheck, there are steps you can take to get a handle on your finances – and your financial stress. The very first step is to figure out […]

Dealing with a Drop in Income

When Your Income Drops Sometimes a household’s income drops suddenly because of a job layoff, an illness or death, or a divorce. It’s natural to feel shocked or panicked or to want to ignore the situation. Whatever the cause, the best thing you can do is to figure out if your new income covers all […]

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