Financial Literacy Workshops for Families

Workshops can be a great way to share important financial information. Gaining new knowledge can be very empowering and can help increase financial confidence. These workshops are intended to be relevant and timely, with interactive opportunities to apply new information during and after the lesson. Every participants’ financial situation and goals are unique. We encourage […]

Money $mart in Head Start Newsletters

Sixteen monthly newsletters have been created and reviewed by UW-Madison Division of Extension educators based on evaluations and feedback from previous Head Start financial literacy project participants. Newsletter issues 1-8 are sequential, so that each topic builds on the information in the previous topic. Because many families are enrolled in Head Start for more than […]

Money $mart in Head Start – Consent Form and Baseline Survey

The goal of this financial research project is to find out if setting goals and having access to financial literacy information can help improve financial outcomes. As part of this project, UW-Madison Division of Extension gathers survey information from Head Start families who agree to participate. A baseline survey is given out in fall, and […]

Money $mart in Head Start Program Impacts

Initial Research Project with Head Start Families The Money $mart in Head Start (M$iHS) program consists of a series of partnerships between local Head Start programs and UW-Madison Division of Extension educators. The MSiHS program offers a mixture of three financial literacy interventions—monthly newsletters, financial education workshops, and financial coaching—to families with children enrolled in […]

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