Credit Report vs Credit Score

What is a credit report? What is a credit score? How can I improve my credit score? Many people use the terms “credit report” and “credit score” interchangeably, but they are not the same. Your credit report is a detailed account of your credit history, while your credit score is a three-digit number signifying your […]

Order Your Free Credit Report

By law, you are entitled to three free credit reports every 12 months–one each from the three credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Read Your Credit Report

Information in Your Report Video Introduction to a Credit Report Sample Reports Identifying Potential Errors Dealing with Errors Monitoring Negative Information Information in Your Report Once you order a credit report from one of the three agencies, your report will appear on screen. We recommend printing your report (it might be long!) and saving it […]

Fix Errors on Your Credit Report

Remember–it is up to you to identify and dispute errors in your credit report. The credit bureaus maintain tens of millions of reports, so they cannot verify the accuracy of the information in everybody’s reports. Inaccurate information can affect your ability to obtain an affordable loan or insurance policy, rent a house or apartment, or […]

Resources for Information About Credit Reports and Credit Scores

The following websites offer more information about your credit report and related items: The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s “Youth and Credit: Protecting the Credit of Youth in Foster Care” guide. A 2013 guide intended primary for anyone who is responsible for mentoring, supporting or working with youth or young adults in foster care. The report […]

Security Freezes and Fraud Alerts

Beginning in 2018, security freezes are free in Wisconsin. You can find more information about security freezes in the UW-Madison Division of Extension Credit Report Freeze fact sheet. If you believe you are the victim of identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s identity theft website, which lists the steps you need to take. The […]

Credit Inquiries

Each time you or somebody else requests a copy of your credit file, the request is recorded on your credit report as an “inquiry.” Inquiries are listed on your free credit report.

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