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Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times

Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times is designed to share trusted resources used or developed by UW-Madison Division of Extension Financial Education professionals. It is designed to help people make sound financial choices in tough times. All materials are free for personal use.

Extension financial educators who can help you find resources and come up with a personal plan. Find contact information for an Extension financial educator on this web page. You can also contact your local Extension office for more information. Find your Extension office on this website.

If you would like to talk to a financial or housing counselor about your situation, visit the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) website or call 833-746-7577. NFCC is a network of nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies that provide services online and over the phone.

Financial Resources to Help Get Through COVID-19

Topics to Help Address Financial Challenges (click to read the article)

Talking with Family & Managing Stress
Creating a Budget
Cutting Expenses and Increasing Income
Keeping Up with Credit and Debt
Considering Foreclosure & Bankruptcy
Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Managing Personal Finances Handouts

You may want to download or print the handouts below for later reading or to share with someone else.

Whether it’s due to a drop in income, a big unexpected expense, or the cost of everyday living overtaking your paycheck, there are steps you can take to get a handle on your finances – and your financial stress. Cutting Back and Keeping Up When Money is Tight will guide you through the process.

Cómo reducir los gastos y estar al día con las cuentas cuando hay poco dinero (Cutting Back and Keeping Up When Money is Tight en Espanol) Ya sea por una reducción de ingreso, un gasto grande inesperado o porque el costo del diario vivir es mayor que su cheque de sueldo, hay pasos que usted puede tomar para controlar sus finanzas –y su estrés financiero.

Sometimes a household’s income drops suddenly and drastically because of a job layoff, an illness or death, or a divorce. Dealing with a Drop in Income walks you through everything you need to know when times are tough and the bills keep coming after your income drops.

Dealing with a Drop in Income in Espanol: Cómo Manejar una Reducción de los Ingresos

Additional Resources for Financial Educators and Helping Professionals

Financial Capability for Helping Professionals

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